“Straight from El Monte, we live or we die!” The Hashishans’ reggae music resonates a background of resilience and hope. The Hashishans’ rise to fame to popularity has been fueled by their commitment to self and truth. Born and raised in the barrios of El Monte and East Los Angeles, they have worked to build a strong following and even stronger stage performance. Their pride and passion can be heard and felt.

Coming off their 2015 self titled EP the Hashishans are releasing their first full length album, “Peace and Trouble.” The album is an eclectic mix of contemporary reggae and ska tunes. Although the Hashishans are well-versed in traditional Jamaican reggae, they have created an avant garde brand of original reggae music. With a driving drum and bass combination, soulful melodies and tasty guitar arrangements, The Hashishans can bring any crowd to its feet.

The Hashishans - 2017